Team NJ Summer Classic


This Tourney is Full, thank you for your interest in this event!

$65 Pay at the Plate

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The 2023 Team NJ Summer Classic tournament is Full. Thank You!

Registration links are for ‘Accepted’ Teams Only.

June 21-24, 2023 (Wed thru Sat)

Here is what to expect at the Team New Jersey Summer Classic.

Tournament format will be 5 Pool games seeding to a single elimination.

Follow the Games on Tourney Machine.

Great Teams from Around the Nation will be in Attendance

Contact the Tournament Director before Registering

Entry Fee: $1700

‘Pay Umpires $65 at the Plate’

Click here for entry form to pay by check.

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Rules & Regulations

SATURDAY we go into bracket play . We want to go over a few things as far as rules for bracket play . 

  1. Time limit is 1 hour 35 mins. FINISH THE INNING . If we complete 7 innings and we have a tie , we immediately go to the International tie breaker in the Top of the 8th. WE NEED A WINNER . *1hr 50min TIME SLOTS.
  2. Lineup card must be submitted to the plate umpire . Straight 9 or Dp/Flex . We are still allowing unlimited substitutions as long as the INTEGRITY of the lineup stays in tact.
  3. Warmup pitches.  1st Inning 5 pitches.  Every inning after 3 pitches. NO INFIELD WARMUP!!!!4. Championship Games will be played to completion (No time limit)

Tournament Rules and General Information: 

  • Teams should report to the assigned field at least 1 hour before game 
  • Please provide Proof of Insurance to Tournament Desk prior to your 1st game. There will be a check-in table at all complexes. 
  • We will also need all additional contact person(s) cell# and email. 

Showcase Rules & Regulations

  • No College Players Allowed
  • Home team will be determined by a coin flip prior to the game, conducted by an umpire or tournament official. 
  • The Home team will be ‘Official Score Book’. All teams must report game scores to the Tournament Desk. 
  • The 8 Runs Ahead Rule (after 5 inn or 4 At Bats) for All Games. 
  • NFHS Rules 
  • Pitching Distance 43’ 
  • Teams may bat a max of 11 Batters per game. ‘No Batting out of turn’
  • Unlimited Defensive Substitutions 
  • Courtesy Runner for Pitcher and Catcher ‘Only’ - A courtesy runner cannot be the same runner for pitcher and catcher. Must be an eligible sub or last batted out. 
  • Protests - This is a non-protest tournament. Home plate umpire will settle rule disagreements at the time they occur. 
  • **If Ejected** A Coach or Player Must sit out next game. 

Summer Tournament Time Limits

  • 6 Showcase Games - 1 hour 25 min, Finish Inning, With 1 hour 45 min Time Slots
  • Elimination Games - 1 hour 40 min, Finish Inning, With 2 hour Time Slots (we need winners) / Semi-Final & Final Rounds are complete games

General Information

  • NO Alcoholic Beverages are to be consumed on or near tournament facilities, nor will smoking be permitted on or near the playing fields, player bench or warm-up areas. 
  • All teams must provide their own water & ice. We ask all teams to Please Clean Dugout Areas after your game is over. 
  • In the event of rain, Each Team Manager & Coach is responsible for maintaining contact with a tournament official. 
  • It is the Team Coaches responsibility to know any and all revised schedules...Follow all updates on Twitter and Facebook 

*Check your games on Tourney Machine or Google Sheets on website 

Tournament Contacts & Cell #’s
Jim Barsalona.......732-673-6825
Carol Barsalona....732-673-6824
Aimee Barsalon....732-718-3628 

Thank you. 

Jim Barsalona
Team New Jersey Softball
732-708-1877 TNJ Office / 732-673-6825 Cell 

Registration Form

You can pay online by clicking this link or download the entry form to print and mail in with your check to

Team NJ Softball

P.O. Box 366

Rumson, NJ 07760

Game Schedules & Addresses

Tournament Information


1. Pool play games start on Wednesday am, June 21st. All teams are expected to be in NJ sometime on Tuesday after school. Some teams come in earlier (from Sunday to Tuesday to visit college campuses, etc.) Pool play is 2 on Wed., 3 Thurs, or vice versa.

2. Pool play starts on Wed. through Thurs. Five pool play games - Games start at 7:50 am on Wednesday, June 21st.

3. Single Elimination starts on Friday

4. Championship games play on Saturday, and finals usually start at 2:30 pm or 3:30 pm - we are all done by 5:30 pm or earlier on Saturday

5. Umpires are Pay-at-the-Plate $65.00 per team, per game (Championship Games, umpire fees are paid by tournament)

There is no one complex for any age group, yet - All fields are within 20 minutes of all hotels listed.

We will be starting some preliminary brackets next week. The Summer tournament has been full since the end of December 2022.

We will be asking for Team Rosters shortly - the deadline for rosters will be May 20th.

Additional information will be posted in April and May.

Accepted Teams List

Player Roster Form

Download the Roster Form at:
Send Roster Form to:


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